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What Is Disruption in Innovation? How Do Businesses Achieve Success Through This?

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we generate ideas to find solutions to real-life, practical problems that will ultimately fulfill a gap in the market. In order to lead these ideas forward and disrupt the common grounds of business, innovation is key!

Innovation is a complex subject but can be divided into four areas, including, product, service, process and technological innovation. In turn, innovation can be compartmentalised into three types, namely, sustaining, radical and disruptive innovation. While all types involve varying levels of innovation, it is disruptive innovation that shakes up existing markets.

In this article, we delve into disruptive innovation…

While digital data has become an increasingly important part of our lives (also used to improve organisational systems/decisions), there are times when data is not your friend. Read on to learn about 5 such instances and how to potentially fix them, as well as some general data disadvantages.

Data explained

Simply put, data is information. In the modern-day context, it is usually digital information that is stored online, via cloud computing or in a database. Your Dictionary has a few definitions, which include:

“Data is defined as facts or figures, or information that’s stored in or used by a computer.”

“Facts that…

Targeting Your Marketing Communications

As a business owner or marketer, are you employing the optimal methods of communication to best reach your target audience? While there are several communication tactics available such as social media marketing, traditional advertising, content marketing and face-to-face interaction, not all are necessarily going to get you the best results.

What is imperative is to align your marketing objectives to your communication strategy. There are several steps we can use to achieve this. Firstly, you need to outline your marketing strategy — specifically what you are communicating (product or service) and who you are communicating to (target market). This will…

You come up with a great idea for an enterprise that you think has the potential to be successful, but you also have a full-time job…now what? The most important thing to keep in mind when deciding whether to pursue an idea or not (especially if it involves lots of work while you are already employed full time) is validating your idea and seeing whether it has the potential for short- or long-term success.

Business ideas that only have the capacity to be successful short term, shouldn’t be enterprises that require extreme amounts of time and effort, shouldn’t be too…

Web Dev Ideals — Team Vs Freelancer

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using teams or freelancers to develop websites. Is one really better than the other? It may very well depend on the circumstances involved, such as the volume of sites produced, the amount of control that is needed and the brief/requirements of the web design project itself.

Web Development Explained

The wonders of website design are brought to life through coding and web development. It is defined as;

The tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. It involves coding languages, such as HTML, to create visual elements and on-site functionality.”

In its broadest sense…

As business owners and marketers, we have likely asked the question “How do we investigate and understand the past so that we can confirm our predictions for the future?” Predicting the future is important for several reasons, not least being to ensure the survival and longevity of any business. But how do we make these predictions? The answer lies in data-driven analysis and business forecasting.

In order for a business owner or marketer to start making predictions, engaging in business forecasting is crucial. According to Investopedia

“Forecasting is a technique that uses historical and present data as inputs to make…

How to Manage Your Time

How much time do you spend thinking about a problem before trying to solve it? Do you rush straight into a burning house or do you take a step back to first look at the floorplan?

Thinking involves creating steps for doing tasks, analysing and exploring multiple methods, looking for opportunities and threats, deciding the needs of a task, looking at the bigger picture, and finding the necessary tools for the job.

Doing involves carefully following predetermined plans, actioning items effectively and efficiently, creative ‘on the fly’ thinking and problem solving, and using all required resources towards the successful completion…


Discover the advantages and disadvantages of both website builder platforms and bespoke web design. Using these insights, as well as the particular needs of your organisation, you can decide which approach is best for your brand. Is it a simple matter of convenience vs custom, or is there more to the story?


Web design has come a long way since the early days of the internet. Once clunky, slow and unattractive, it has evolved to make user experience enjoyable and increase conversions through clever and interactive design. These principles form the basis of web best practices, which you can learn…

From humble beginnings and large aspirations, a new ‘information superhighway’ dubbed the World Wide Web was born. By the end of 1993, there were 623 websites, by mid-1994 there were 2,738 websites, and by the end of that same year, there were more than 10,000 websites. In 1995, the Internet had a user base of fewer than 40 million users. Comparatively, Facebook today is 15 times larger than the entire Internet was back then. Fast-forward to 2000 and 40 million Americans (48% of US Internet users) had purchased a product online. Today, there are a staggering 1.74 …

Woman writing complicated mathematics on classroom chalkboard
Woman writing complicated mathematics on classroom chalkboard

I have read articles and comments recently explaining the virtues of becoming an expert in your industry field — or even part thereof. And how this in turn is good for business, since (logically) people will turn to you for your help when they need it. That does sound well and good… perhaps in theory. I was just wondering how many people are in any given industry? Is everyone meant to take this advice and become an expert?

I thought to approach this from a slightly different angle. Instead of making yourself the go-to expert, just make yourself knowledgeable in…

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