How to Successfully Reach Your Target Audience

Danny Stone
9 min readMay 11, 2021

Targeting Your Marketing Communications

As a business owner or marketer, are you employing the optimal methods of communication to best reach your target audience? While there are several communication tactics available such as social media marketing, traditional advertising, content marketing and face-to-face interaction, not all are necessarily going to get you the best results.

What is imperative is to align your marketing objectives to your communication strategy. There are several steps we can use to achieve this. Firstly, you need to outline your marketing strategy — specifically what you are communicating (product or service) and who you are communicating to (target market). This will direct your marketing objectives — the end goals of your marketing strategy that specify all communication methods. Here, we dig deeper to show you how…

Your Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a business’s overall strategic plan for its brand to reach potential customers, create leads and convert customers. By defining your marketing strategy, you will outline your company’s value propositions, key brand messaging, target market, price point and other marketing factors. Ultimately, this will determine your communication strategy and distinguish which forms of communication are best to reach your target audience.

Defining Your Target Market

To determine which forms of communication to use, you need to understand your target audience. A target market is a group of individuals who are most likely to purchase your product or service offering. This is the group(s) to which all communications will be targeted. There are several components to consider when defining your target market such as geographic, sociographic, demographic, behavioural and psychographic factors.

Outlining Your Marketing Objectives

Once you have established who you will be communicating to, you need to define your marketing objectives. Marketing objectives are…



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