Is It Better To Use A Team Or Freelancer For Web Development?

Danny Stone
8 min readFeb 16, 2021

Web Dev Ideals — Team Vs Freelancer

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using teams or freelancers to develop websites. Is one really better than the other? It may very well depend on the circumstances involved, such as the volume of sites produced, the amount of control that is needed and the brief/requirements of the web design project itself.

Web Development Explained

The wonders of website design are brought to life through coding and web development. It is defined as;

The tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. It involves coding languages, such as HTML, to create visual elements and on-site functionality.”

In its broadest sense, it may involve everything from the planning stages, through to user experience design, graphic design and the coding itself. However, its strictest definition encompasses the tasks of the developer (as outlined above). This is a highly sought-after skill that has become progressively more complex. Web developers may be fluent in a number of different coding languages, such as HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python and many more. This wealth of knowledge and their increasing demand has led to them attaining more flexibility in their work. Hence, many developers choose to work as freelancers — and indeed benefit from it, from both a financial and creative perspective.

Web Dev Teams

Web design and development is often created in-house, particularly when a large volume of sites or pages need to be produced. It may involve project managers, UX designers, web designers, graphic designers and, of course, web developers. The main advantage here is that an established (and controlled) team are working collaboratively on a project, presumably with an intimate knowledge of workflow, timelines and the client’s needs.

Team Advantages

  1. Cheaper (if a lot of sites are produced) — If many websites need to be created — i.e. at a web design company…



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